Deanna Leach Portraits | A lesson in exposure...Couple's photo shoot in Bend

A lesson in exposure...Couple's photo shoot in Bend

February 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Cameron hired me online back in November as a surprise for his girlfriend, Sabrina.  

Not only did he want a couple's photo shoot but some photography instruction for Sabrina.  She had a new Canon EOS 7D and had a desire to up her photo taking skills.  However, Cameron hired me prior to the 30+ inches of snow this area received in December, so on the week of their shoot, they opted to take a bus to Bend to avoid driving conditions between here and Eugene.  I picked them up at the bus station and headed to Shevlin Park, a local favorite (and mine).  We explored, talked ISO, shutter speed, and aperture and ended downtown at Looney Bean to talk goals and dreams.  Finding out Cameron wants to travel the world and Sabrina wants to be a National Geographic photographer over lattes was certainly a bonding point for us!  I explained my enthusiasm for photo-taking started with periodicals like National Geographic and who doesn't remember The Afghan Girl?  We drank our beverages and wrapped up the afternoon with a few more photos.  I'm hoping postcards from these two will find their way to my mailbox as they follow their dreams! 

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